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All applications are subject to review process.   Eligibility is based on your property fitting into one of our accepted categories of accommodation:

Accommodation Categories

  • Bed & Breakfast
    Accommodation in private homes with the owners where guests usually have a separate lounge and bathrooms.  Often 2-4 guest rooms.
  • Bed & Breakfast Hotel
    Larger hosted properties with some hotel features.
  • Bed & Breakfast Inns
    Generally larger properties (i.e. 4+ guest rooms) with more guests, rooms with ensuite bathrooms, luxury accommodation, more features and facilities but also offering personal hospitality.
  • Boutique Accommodation
    These properties are found in many categories and may offer a little extra in decor, panache, style or ambience.
  • Lodges
    Generally luxury accommodation with superb facilities, bar available and full dining facilities in a beautiful, natural setting.
  • Farmstays & Homestays
    Accommodation in private homes or farms where  you share the home with the owners and enjoy all the features of their home.  Often 1-2 guest rooms.
  • Country Homes
    Accommodation in private country homes generally with ensuite bathrooms, more features and facilities and also offering personal hospitality.  A chance to enjoy rural life.
  • Historic Home
    Elegant, graceful and charming with significance to the history of New Zealand architecture.  These properties can encompass many of the above categories
  • Self Contained Cottages, Studios, Apartments & Holiday Homes
    The newest development in the New Zealand bed and breakfast accommodation industry.  The cottages may be on farms or in the grounds of the bed and breakfast property.  The city equivalent is a self-contained apartment or standalone cottage.  Breakfast can be provided or you can be fully self-contained.  Please confirm at time of booking.


Your property does not qualify if:
  • It is classified as a motel, hotel chain, large resort, hostel, Reservation/Management Organization, apartment for rent, campground, or vacation rental
  • It has more than 40 rooms (and is not an historic property)
  • The rooms are not uniquely decorated, no "cookie cutter" rooms
  • You do not serve breakfast or provide breakfast provisions
  • You do not offer nightly rates


All applications are subject to review process. 
If you have any questions as to whether your property qualifies for membership, contact us before you submit your online application: