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Plain and simple:

We get you Bookings

We are inexpensive

We are proudly Australian owned and operated

We provide superior Service and support

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How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is simple, and only takes a few minutes of you time to have yourself up and listed with us.  Becoming a member is for Bed and Breakfast owners.  Travelers need not be members to search our database. 

For information on registering as a member, please visit the Join us section.

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How do I change my profile details?

Changing your profile details couldn't be easier.  With our BBProfiler tool, you simply log-in using your Member ID and password and change any details you wish.  You can upload photos, add captions to the photos and make changes to any of your details.

To read all about BBProfiler, click here

If you do not have the ability to access BBProfiler, or would prefer us to do it for you, email us corrections at and we will do them for you.  The charge is $11.00 per incident unless there was a mistake was made by us (typing mistake, etc).

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Why don't I show up on any search engines? has all of the proper keywords and 'tags' embedded in our web pages to allow us maximum exposure to as many search engines as possible.  But, how a search engine will index us is really up to them.  You, as an individual page, may or may not show up on a search index.  This is what you use us for!  Companies such as Googlehave indexed every single one of our pages.  If you search for your Bed and Breakfast name exactly as it appears on our page, you will find your B&B in the search results highlighted under  That is one of the many benefits of

There are companies that specialize in getting you search engine superiority. They charge hundreds of dollars. tries to index our main site with all of the city keywords in Australia. If you check the source of each page, you'll see embedded words and tags to do this.

There are many Websites on the internet about how to go about doing coding these embedded words and tags.  It would take hours for me to email you on this. Luckily, there are companies like that can do this job for you in only a few hours and for a low price.

Our team also spends a great deal of time promoting this site by hand.  Submitting our name to search engines, joining networks to promote the site.  All this benefits you, and drives traffic to this site and your page.  Please check out Google, Ninemsn, Yahoo! Australia, Ask Jeeves, and OPTUSnet. See who is on top of the list?  Yup, us for the keywords 'Bed and Breakfast Australia'.

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What is BBProfiler and how do I use it?

BBProfileris OZBedandBreakfasts' easy data update tool.  This is a technology that allows members of this site to easily update their Bed and Breakfast profile page anytime they want. 

To read all about BBProfiler, click here

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How will people find me on your site? has a multitude of search options from State, Region, City, B&B name to any keyword.  Members receive added exposure by participating in our Feature B&B of the week.  This gives you exposure on our homepage for 1 week.  All of these added benefits are included in your membership with at no additional cost except for the Feature B&B of the week service
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How do I know your site is working for me?

Members can simply view their profile page and scroll the bottom of the profile.  The footer contains information on the number of visitors to your page.  This number is increased ever time someone views your profile.  Members may also view traffic by day, month and year to to ensure there is traffic coming to the site by clicking on the blue sphere at the bottom of our home page.  All this will ensure  you are receiving value from the membership.
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How does attract internet users?

We are listed on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Australia, Ask Jeeves, OPTUSnet just to name a few!  Give it a try by searching for the words "Bed and Breakfast Australia" at Google.  We come up ranked Number 1!!! advertises in both online and traditional media to bring hundreds of travellers to our site everyday. We have received press in such publications as THE AUSTRALIAN, Sunday Herald Sun, Gourmet Traveller, Qantas In-Flight and the Daily Telegraph just to name a few.  All other media coverage can be found in our Press Room. also participates in partnerships with other travel, leisure and accommodation Web sites to provide members greater distribution.  These partnerships can be found on both our Australian links page or International links page.

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How do I upload photos to my profile?

Photo uploads can be performed from our BBProfiler tool.  Directions for uploading the photos can be found on the Photo upload page.  Simply log-in to BBProfiler and click the "Upload Photos" from you profile page.

Alternatively, you can request us to review an existing website you currently have and we will get the photos from your other site and upload them for you.  Also, you can send us and email with your photos attached to

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What format should the photos be in?

We prefer the following formats: TIF, JPG, GIF or in a ZIP archive.

We will resize your images as required, but we do NOT photo-edit any images. Please do not ask us to modify your images in any way other than to resize them.

Pictures can be e-mailed to Be sure to include your B&B name and/or your member number so that your pictures do not get orphaned.

Pictures can be updated or loaded via BBProfiler. The directions are there and work well when followed completely.

If you have pictures on another website, you can e-mail us the URL (your website address) with instructions to the e-mail address above.

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I uploaded photos, but they don't appear on my profile!

Photo uploads will not appear unless the photos have been renamed according to your Member ID.  THIS MUST BE EXACT!  For example, if you are Member 120, then your photos must be renamed on your PC first to 120a.jpg, 120b.jpg, 120c.jpg and 120d.jpg.  A full explanation of the photo upload process can be found by logging into BBProfile and following the "Upload Photos" link.
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How are the Search Results sorted?

To begin with, we sort our results by Blue Ribbon Membership followed by Standard Membership.  To be fair to all our members, we do not list our search results from A-Z. This would be unfair to those lower in the alphabet. Instead, we sort the search results by region from A-Z for a two week period, then Z-A the next two week period. Within the region grouping, we then alternate and A-Z and Z-A sort by B&B name. Therefore, your B&B name will not always appear in the same spot based on the search performed. This gives everyone an equal chance at being near the top of the list.
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Why can't I change my profile layout to exactly how I want it?

In a perfect world, we could accommodate any request.

Unfortunately, though, we cannot accommodate special changes to your web page outside of what our BBProfiler tool allows.

The reason is very simple: our members' web pages are generated dynamically. That means that your page is created on-the-fly by our database as someone goes to view it. We have standard templates that display our 600+ member web pages.

This powerful dynamic template is one of the main reasons why our format is so powerful, why we are gaining industry recognition, and why we can offer you a free four-month trial listing. We do not hand generate our pages.

This dynamic method provides you with the ability to modify your listing yourself with changes appearing online immediately. Our BBProfiler software takes your changes, updates our database, and then that information is grabbed by our template the next time someone goes to view your page. Cool!

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