'Spring Bay Waterfront Villa', Barton Avenue, Orford, TAS

Iain Duguid

# Barton Avenue, Orford 7190

P: 04 1785 9519

  M: 0417 859 519

E: springbay at iainduguid dot com


Tourist Region:

Hobart and South East

Price From :

$ 100 to $ 130 AUD

Accommodation Type:

Self-Contained Cottage

Spring Bay Waterfront Villa is a self-contained, private unit, right on Spring Bay. There's a queen size bed, ensuite bathroom and a separate lounge room overlooking Spring Bay and Maria Island. Everything you need to make your break relaxed - a mooring for your boat, walking tracks, good restaurants, or just a plain veg out! The cottage is suitable for adults, not children, and there are limited cooking facilities (you'll want to try our local restaurants!)

  • absolute waterfront to Spring Bay
  • views to Maria Island
  • personal, friendly service
  • close to shops, restaurants
  • private and happy!
One hour northeast from Hobart on the Tasman Highway


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