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There are over 605.6 Million people online.
Can they find your B&B?

If you don't have a website, they can't. Don't let your competition pamper the guests that could be yours. Get your website today.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the site! And that is an understatement.

Your attention to detail is superb and should be the decider for anyone else looking at having you develop a website for them."

Liz Murray
Trilby Station

5 reasons to choose OZbedandbreakfast...

  1. We're young. Meaning we heaps of energy and creativity to pour into your site.
  2. We're a small company, so you get a lot of individual attention. In other words, you're the center of our world.
  3. We'll work with you until you're completely happy. We promise to stick with you until all problems are solved. No matter what it takes.
  4. You get an awesome guarantee! 3 months to make sure you're totally satisfied with our work. If for any reason you're not, we'll give every cent of your money back. When we say it's risk free, we really mean it! 
  5. We can host your website, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of find a good web hosting company.  You can read more about our web hosting at

It's fast, easy and free!

Our portfolio is proud to offer web design and web hosting services for Bed and Breakfast owners.

Some recent designs:

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You too can have your own website for as little as $399.00!!!

The standard package includes:

  • Your own domain name (ie: - renewable at 12 month intervals.
  • 70MB of web space that you are in control of
  • 16 Mailboxes for you business and personal use
  • Continual Web Hosting can be with a company of your choice or on-going at only $19.85/month
  • Web statistics to track visitors
  • Plus heaps of other great features!

The following pages are included in the standard package:

    • HOME - 2-4 photos, Description, Contact Info, links to all other pages 
    • ROOMS & RATES  - linking page to each bedroom with photos
    • HISTORY - optional

Additional pages are extra and include:
  • SEARCH PAGE (within your site)
  • Plus any others you would like to have

Additional services are available upon request:

  • Logo design and creation
  • Search engine listings
  • Existing domain transfers
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web hosting with

Why choose to build you a website?

As we receive feedback from visitors to our site and view numerous B&B web pages, we have a chance to determine what techniques work well in the design of a successful B&B website. As a result, we use the following guidelines* to create your website:

Organize your information:

Most visitors find websites through search engines or other links. When visitors arrive at your page, they want to know how to contact you, what your accommodation looks like, and a price. So,

We start each page of your website with a descriptive sentence. Many search engines use the beginning text of your site for descriptions in their listings.
We use short paragraphs on each page for easy scanning. Research has shown that a person reads online information 20% slower than hardcopy.
Important information is placed at the top half of your website so that visitors can determine where you are located and how to contact you by either email or telephone.
Finally, we place the most important graphics first. In our conversations with travellers, 85% said that they chose an accommodation from a photo of the B&B's exterior and a typical room.

Create fast-loading graphics:

Design of your web page will be optimised for low-end computer systems and slow modem rates (28.8 kbps).  The average visitor waits between 10 and 15 seconds for a page to download; if your page doesn't load quickly, a visitor may not wait for the load to complete. So,
All photos are in jpeg format. This file format creates a smaller file size (faster load time) than that of a gif image.
All jpeg files are saved at 72 dots per inch. Computer screens don't support higher resolutions, so don't waste the load time.
We size your graphics in an outside graphics editor before importing it into your html file. We never use the sizing tool that your web composer provides. This changes only the size of the photos as they appear on the page, but does not reduce the original photo's file size.
We don't use large photos on your website. If you want to include a large photo, have a link from your main page to the photos.
We design the page to please your users, not to please your web page designer. We avoid "cute" graphic images and blinking icons, and overuse of colors. Plenty of white space is left to keep it clean and nice.
We will check your load time with one of the free web inspection utilities. One that we like is Netscape's Website Garage at

Create websites for international travellers:

If you are targeting your pages to international travellers, consider the language, use of icons, and how information is presented.

Avoid using any words or phrases that are regional.

Use simple rather than complex words and expressions. (e.g., instead of saying "you have the ability to," say instead "you can.")

Avoid slang words that are regional to the USA, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

Keep sentences short and to the point.

Accompany icons with an identifier (e.g., a right-pointing arrow should be accompanied by the word next).

Avoid using icons that are regional (e.g., an envelope or mailbox icon may not have the same meaning for an international audience).

Avoid using icons that may have an unsavory meaning in another country. For example, a pointing finger.

Provide all information on your accommodation on a separate page that can be printed and viewed offline. Many international travellers share computer time.

Use one of the translation programs to provide your information in other languages. The translation is rough, but travellers can get the gist of your message. A translation program to try is located at: <>

Promote your website:

Register your website with search engines, free directories, and paid directories. However, there are numerous other promotions that will bring visitors to your site. Here are a few.

Exchange links with other bed and breakfast websites. Fifty percent of website visitors arrive from links from other sites, rather than directly from search engines.
Consider giving away a free weekend or night's stay at your B&B, or give away a local gourmet product once a month. This is a great way to entice visitors to return to your website.
Create your own opt-in newsletter. This is one of the best ways to build loyalty, trust, and return visits to your site.
Look at your local online newspaper. Many publications provide local businesses with a free link section.
Make sure that your hardcopy brochure, business cards, and answering machine all mention your website.

Monitor your website:

To see what promotions are working for you, we track where leads are coming from. will place Extreme Tracker on your website; we get it from

Once installed, Extreme Tracker will provide you with the number of visitors, where visitors are logging on, as well as a other useful information.

If you have any questions about any of the above, or if we missed something, please contact us

* Information re-produced with the permission of the Author Yvonne Tornatta
Copyright 1995 - 2002 International Bed and Breakfast Pages, Denton, Texas.  All rights reserved