23rd February, 2002



Bed and breakfast style accommodation is more popular now than ever before, and with the range now available, it’s no wonder that travellers, both domestic and international, are opting to stay at a B&B as opposed to the traditional hotel accommodation.

However, some travellers are not well educated about what B&Bs have to offer. Younger travellers think “it’s for the oldies”. Some travellers are under the impression that the “B” in B&B means boutique, and therefore, is too expensive.  Others even believe that if you stay at a B&B, you have to share a bathroom.

“These are all common misconceptions for travellers if they haven’t stayed at a B&B before,” says Chris Peck, Director of OZbedandbreakfast.com.  “We are often asked these kinds of questions by potential guests, but I think it is important to dispel the myths once and for all so that we can all get on and have a good time on our next holiday”. 

OZbedandbreakfast.com, the leading online provider of bed and breakfast information, is more than happy to share the top five bed and breakfast travel myths.

1. Private Bath. The top concern for new B&B travellers is that they will share a bathroom with other guests during their stay. According to OZbedandbreakfast.com data, 94 percent of bed and breakfasts have rooms with private baths, while many boast in room luxuries such as sunken tubs and spas.

2. Too Expensive. With an average nightly rate of $100, most bed and breakfasts are less expensive than hotels. They offer more special seasonal rates and provide the warmth and personality that some travellers prefer.

3. Limited Privacy. B&B owners say that one of the most requested vacations is a romantic bed and breakfast getaway - in which privacy is a must. Visitors can assure themselves of privacy by telling the owner they are seeking a quiet room when booking their vacation, and many bed and breakfasts gladly handle special requests such as room service and massage.

4. Community Breakfast. For the seasoned bed and breakfast visitor, breakfast with other guests can be a great way to share ideas for sightseeing during the day or selecting a choice spot for dinner. However, if you are looking for breakfast for two, or one with a book, ask the innkeeper about dining arrangements, as most breakfast areas at B&B’s are restaurant style. And fear not, you won't share a box of Corn Flakes with the owners son at modern bed and breakfasts, as guest and owner quarters are separate.

5. B&Bs are only for vacations. B&B owners are seeing an increase in business travellers due to the comforts and amenities not usually found at larger hotels. In fact, travellers that visit the same bed and breakfasts frequently for business find that a relationship with an owner can make for a less lonely trip and a welcome glass of wine and conversation after a long day. Additionally, a growing number of women business travellers say they feel safer in a bed and breakfast.

"The de-mystification of bed and breakfasts in Australia is long overdue," says Chris Peck, Director of OZbedandbreakfast.com.  "With industry standards set in place by bed and breakfast associations and the introduction of online resources, travellers now have the tools they need to book a trip without the guesswork or fears that once accompanied B&B travel.  OZbedandbreakfast.com has emerged as a key source for travellers seeking specific information to meet their planning needs."

OZbedandbreakfast.com offers a wide selection of B&B’s on the Internet, with more than 700 listings throughout Australia, connecting consumers to the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available. Visitors can book reservations online, e-mail B&B owners, and locate bed and breakfasts via maps.

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