November 25th, 2001



INTERNET connectivity is a pervasive and accepted feature of contemporary life.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the travel industry, where on-line searches and bookings have already streamlined the way in which business operates.

Part of this revolution is Australian company, which launched in November this year to provide on-line access to a variety of bed and breakfast styled accommodation throughout the country.

This site is an example of how useful the web can be when the medium is put to purposes that actually suit the technology. is well designed and includes a helpful guide to online accommodation booking. 

The service is fast and simple. Travellers can tap into a nominated city, region or bed and breakfast name; compare prices and send off a quick e-mail asking for availability and then book online.  If travellers are in a hurry and don’t have time to make contact with the B&B’s, searching via the region and printing the page allows you to take a list with you in the car for phoning the B&B’s while on the road.  This pioneering online search provides images of the B&B’s, location maps, brief descriptions and of course, directions, contact details and payment methods. Director, Chris Peck, said customers will find the site solves many of the difficulties leisure travellers face when they need to make short break travel decisions. "People are simply too busy to waste time ringing around or waiting on phone queues. Now at the touch of a few buttons, they can search for the most suitable accommodation, check availability and book online immediately. Our ten international links and partnerships make it easy for international travellers to book accommodation before boarding their flight to Australia.  The other major benefit of our site is the range of accommodation. We have everything from the small, county town, budget bed and breakfasts, through to the inner city, luxury boutique bed and breakfast style accommodation " he says.

With the uncertainties with international travel, there has been a renewed interest in Australian travel. Our country has some of the most exhilarating destinations and there has never been a better time than now to visit and escape for the weekend.

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