November 5th, 2001



One of the few things to come out of the recent world uncertainties has been the renewed interest in Australian travel. Australia is, undoubtedly, one of the world’s most exhilarating destinations and there has never been a better time than now to take a break and escape the world unrest.

As we have all experienced at some time, finding somewhere to stay is usually the biggest budget killer and time waster when planning a holiday.  Over the past few years, Bed and Breakfasts have been popping up all over the place and this new choice of accommodation is suited for every taste and budget.

No matter what sort of weekend escape you’re searching for, whether it’s a lighthouse on the cape, a rural retreat, a nunnery in the city or a beach house overlooking pristine white sands…. you will find it all on, Australia’s number one B&B website which launches today.

Unlike other bed and breakfast sites, is quick and easy to use with a very simple, clear and consistent layout across Australia. “These are the core elements which need to be present for a site to be successful," says Chris Peck, director of the new company. “When my partner, Leah and I, were searching on the Net last year to find a B&B in Byron Bay, we found it quite difficult. After some hours, we found many inconsistent sites across Australia.  We thought it would be a great idea if there were one quick, user-friendly site that provided the key information without clicking through five or six different screens. Anyway, that frustration turned into an idea and here we are.”

This new site has resulted in being ranked number one on and Looksmart Australia when searching for “Bed and Breakfast Australia”. “No longer do you need to search for hours to find B&B style accommodation across Australia. So, when the working week is done, jump in the car with your list of B&B’s printed right off the computer screen and get out of town”, says Chris.

Chris Peck says, “It has been hard work, but well worth it. I love it when a B&B contacts me and asks all kinds of weird and wonderful questions. They are, in fact, my inspiration. They ask questions and I turn them into new screens and links.”

After the successful launch here in Australia, is planning to broaden the scope to include New Zealand and then, the South Pacific. 

CONTACT LEAH PECK - 0408 233 990