July 23, 2005

Issue 18

OZ-b&b News


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OZb&b handled over 600 bookings and enquires online for the months of June and July


Thinking of selling?  Try our B&B's For Sale section.  Four properties already sold!

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Editor's notes

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of OZ-b&b News!

We would like to start by welcoming our 20 new members that joined us in the past 60 days.  Congratulations and welcome to you all!  We thank you for making us the most comprehensive B&B directory in Australia.

The winter period since June 1 has been a busy time with OZbedandbreakfast.com handling over 600 online enquiry/reservation requests for our members.  That is in excess of 20 enquiries a day via the site for accommodation.  This does not include the hundreds of enquires and reservations that come direct via e-mail or telephone to our Blue Ribbon Members.

As you are aware, Blue Ribbon Membership was launched in early 2005.  With the added benefits and features, more than 300 members are taking advantage of our premiere listing.  If you would like to find out more, check out the details of our membership.

In this issue:

  • Record numbers using OZbedandbreakfast.com

  • Australia's largest online resource - OZbedandbreakfast.com leads the way

  • For Sale! - others are looking for your lifestyle.  Ready to sell?

  • Hot Deals for Blue Ribbon members - get them in now

  • Homepage feature for August - First four in best dressed!

  • Give us a link, we'll give you a FREE week

Thanks again for your continued support as we continue towards being Australia's most comprehensive Bed and Breakfast directory.  As usual, we want to hear from you about anything you think we should hear about.  Send us an e-mail to info@ozbedandbreakfast.com.


Chris Peck - Director

Record Numbers
Fast approaching our fourth year of operation, OZbedandbreakfast.com is now attracting more users than ever before.  The following graph displays the overall number of unique visitors to our site looking for accommodation during a one week period:

When we look at the numbers in a bit closer detail, we can see that the users are very active once they reach the site with more than 4000 page views on an average day.  Looking at Visitor for the week, you can see that OZbedandbreakfast.com is now attracting over 20,000 visitors a month!

 Why are we telling you this?  Because, it pays to be on our site.  We bring you visitors from around the world, seeking B&B style accommodation.

Australia's largest online resource
OZbedandbreakfast has gone from the new kid on the block to the BIG kid on the block.  With over 1300 active members, a subscriber list of over 3000 individuals, and media write-ups as long as your arm,  OZbedandbreakfast.com is now THE leading online resources for Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Australia.

We would like to thank all our members for their continued support, and wish you all the best as we charge ahead to our fourth birthday.

For Sale

Besides our homepage, and our members profile pages, OZbedandbreakfast.com's For Sale section is getting the most attention.  If you are thinking of a career change, or wanna see what the market may be paying for a property such as yours, why not list your site with us?  With over 40 properties selling across Australia, we are the leading directory for Australian B&B properties for sale.  Read more about it on our site.

Hot $$$ Deals...Get them in!
Winter is in full swing, and spring is just around the corner!  Take a look at some of the offers available on OZbedandbreakfast.com.  Blue Ribbon Members can take advantage of listing seasonal and last minute specials via our Hot Deal editor.  Just visit our site and logon to maintain your Hot Deals. 
Homepage Feature for August
Homepage features are once again available on our homepage.  Have your site listed on the homepage of OZbedandbreakfast.com for the entire month of August for only $66.00!  The first four responses will be added to our homepage feature section as seen on our homepage.  Be quick, these don't last long!  Send us an email with your property name.
Give us a link
OZbedandbreakfast is looking for links!  Link swapping goes a long way to boosting your sites search results ranking on directories such as Google, NineMSN and Yahoo.  OZbedandbreakfast has a high Page Rank on Google, and can significantly help you in your rankings. 

We currently list your site on our directory, we are now asking you to put a link on your website back to us.  In addition to your profile page, we are also offering the first 20 people providing a functioning link on their website a FREE homepage feature on our website!  That's right!  A FREE WEEK on our homepage just for putting a link to us from your website.  Just put the following link on your links page:

OZbedandbreakfast.com - Looking for other Australian B&B's to stay at while you travel Australia?  Visit OZbedandbreakfast.com to find and book your next B&B, Guesthouse, Farmstay or self-contained cottage.  Click away for your perfect getaway...

Once you have added our link, send us an email and we'll sort out your Free week on the homepage.


That's it for this edition.  All the best from your OZbedandbreakfast.com Team...