March 5th, 2003

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Issue 10



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Editor's notes

Welcome to the tenth edition of OZ-b&b News!  The past few months has been a very busy time for us here.  Myself (Chris) and partner (Leah) recently got married and have been taking a bit of a break! has been running smoothly with 62 new memberships in the past 90 days.  Congratulations and welcome to you all!  We thank you for making us the most comprehensive B&B directory in the country!  We are also proud to announce that we have just surpassed 50,000 visitors to the site!!!  We are absolutely buzzing about this and look forward to improving on this in 2003. 

In this issue:

  • B&B Associations and Organisations - To join or not to join

  • Marketing your B&B - some helpful tips

  • Future services

Thanks again for you continued support as we continue to expand Australia's most comprehensive Bed and Breakfast directory.  As usual, we want to hear from you about anything you think we should hear about.  Send us an e-mail to


Chris Peck - Director

To join or not to join?

Many professions have organizations and associations set up to help their members move forward in the industry, and the world of bed and breakfasts is no different. One of the challenges for professionals is to join those associations which offer real benefits and avoid those that don't.

There are many reasons to join and association or organisation:

  • Many associations represent the B&B industry primarily at the Federal level on matters relating to legislation, regulation and policy
  • Many provide inspections and ensure quality to the travellers
  • Many produce marketing material that is well beyond the means of an individual B&B
  • They develop strategic alliances for use in promoting the B&B industry
  • They set an industry benchmark for a Code of Conduct
  • They develop on-going research for and about the B&B industry
  • They create an awareness of the Australian B&B industry through generic marketing
  • Many run regular seminars, workshops and an annual conference for Bed and Breakfast hosts

These are just a few reasons to join an association or membership.  In the words of one B&B owner:

"When we first opened our B&B, we were looking for a highly organized resource to go to for questions, answers, information and ideas. We definitely went to the right place. The PAII is outstandingly professional, updates materials, sends out a marvelous newsletter, and because they're always seeking to become better themselves, they help us to be better too."

For more information on joining an association, visit the Australian Bed and Breakfast Council

Marketing your B&B...

Many B&B owners have recently asked us here at how we are so successful in marketing our website.  Articles such as those in the Sunday Mail and Gourmet Traveller attract thousands  of visitor to the site. 

Marketing your property can be a very frustrating thing.  The reason being is the lack of immediate gratification.  It isn't like whipping up an amazing breakfast and serving it to a guest and getting wonderful compliments back right away.  Marketing is different. Time and effort is spent producing information and then money is often paid without any success.  Then, one day an article will appear in Australian Country Style magazine because some wonderful guest loved you breakfast!  Marketing is a very experimental task.  Different things work for different people based many factors such as geographic location or local attractions.  Therefore, suggests the following to those with the task of marketing their property:

  • First, get on the internet, and fast!

  • Second, get into guidebooks. Do this even if you just send a brochure to all you can locate. (Of course, being on is already helping you a lot.)

  • Attention to detail as an owner.  Love it and it comes back.

  • Become very good on the phone. Remember, as you answer it: "This call has cost me thousands of dollars in time and money and this person wants to rent a room at my establishment!"

  • Give yourself at least of 2-4 hours a week solely to being the "marketer".  Sit down at your desk and work at it.

  • Avoid local advertising unless you are certain it works or you are located in a fairly large city.

  • Say "No!" to any "hurry up and sign" advertising sales people.

  • Keep track of your marketing results by asking guests when they book with you where they found you. Use this info. for future marketing campaigns.

  • Develop a plan for getting your guests to come back -- special offers, frequent sleeper programs, etc. Repeat guests are your best market.

  • Have more than just one or two sources of marketing. The more places potential guests can find you -- easily -- the more likely you are to get them at your inn.

Remember, one of the most important things is to have fun at this part of the job.  There is plenty of learning that can be done and lots of creative ideas that can be used.  So, go on, get marketing! services is currently working on a broad range of services that will be of use to promoting, running and branding your bed and breakfast.  From website design, advertising, and corporate branding to photography and graphic design, we look forward to sharing our new service line with you in the near future.  Stay tuned!  Until next time, happy days... Team