June 27th, 2002

Issue 8


OZ-b&b News

Congratulations to our June -
B&B of the Month

Hillingdon Boutique Hotel, Vic



• OZbedandbreakfast is the only website that offers B&B owners FREE listings!


• OZbedandbreakfast has over 860 registered members and growing fast!


 • OZbedandbreakfast handled over 100 online booking enquiries during the month of June!


 • OZbedandbreakfast will be launching a new site in the USA on July1, 2002.


 • OZbedandbreakfast features over 60 Hot Deals


 • Thinking of selling?  Try our B&B's For Sale section

View some of our users comments:

  • It's quick and easy to locate precisely what we are looking for

• The easy accessibility to information that B&B enthusiasts look for. You get a real feel for each property - as good as an on site tour!

• Easy search engine and great descriptions of the properties! The pictures are also invaluable!!

• The specials give an opportunity for increased value, which in turn allows us to travel more!!




Editor's notes


Welcome to the eighth edition of OZ-b&b News!  Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our 106 new Bed and Breakfast members that have joined us in the past 60 days.  We thank you for making us the most comprehensive B&B directory in the country!  We sincerely hope you start to see the benefits of membership.


Secondly, I would like to apologise for not getting a newsletter out the beginning of June.  We have been extremely busy shuffling through hundreds of e-mails containing feedback from our website users who book accommodation online.  We have been asking them what they think would improve the site.  Given their feedback, we have been busy re-designing OZbedandbreakfast.com with a fresh new look with added features and easier navigation.  Our new look will be ready to launch the first week in July.  Here is a sneak peak at what OZbedandbreakfast.com will look like in just a few weeks:



Don't worry, we have made your life easier as well.  There will be one menu choice entitled 'MEMBERS' where you can go to access all our great services, including BBProfiler - your profile update tool.


In this issue we will share with you some information on how to best take advantage of keywords offered in BBProfiler.  We will also talk a bit about some of our latest media coverage, and our Web Design service that we offer.  As usual, we want to hear from you about anything you think we should hear about.




Keyword Feature


One of the new features added to OZbedandbreakfast.com a few months back was the 'keyword' option.  This is a very valuable field that can help users find you more easily.  This features provides users with the ability to find your B&B based on any word they choose.  The keyword search from our homepage looks at your B&B name, city, and region as well as the 'keyword' field in your profile.  Therefore, you shouldn't put your B&B name, city or region in the keyword field as this is already checked using the other fields mentioned.


We encourage you to update your profile with keywords that are relevant to your B&B, and do NOT contain your city, name or region.  Some suggestions of good and bad keywords:


  • Bed and Breakfast - This is a given, and is also one of the options under 'Style' of accommodation
  • Accommodation - again, this is assumed


  • Surfing - lets the potential guest know you are close to the beach
  • Romance - lets the guest know you cater to couples
  • golf - again, descriptive word of an activity close by
  • Nearest major city

The goal here is to single your B&B out from the crowd.  Think like a potential guest.  What would they be looking for in a B&B.  How will they find you?  Take advantage of this powerful search field.  Simply log-in to our BBProfiler tool and maintain your details.  BBProfiler can be found on our homepage at http://www.ozbedandbreakfast.com.  Look for the heading MEMBERS on the navigation bar on the left.


Media Coverage


We continue to promote our site to the Australian public and have been quite successful of late. Check out this months Australian Country Style Magazine.  A great little article featuring some of OZbedandbreakfast.com's unique styles of accommodation.

If you missed our latest coverage in the Herald Sun, June 9th, check out the Press Room for more details.


Congratulations to Smoky Cape lighthouse, Cape Nelson Lighthouse and The Old Chapel for their appearance in both media publications.


If you have an event or something of interest happening in your local area, feel free to provide OZbedandbreakfast.com with a brief description. Our Marketing Director, Leah, has been working in the publishing industry for ten years and has industry contacts and a database of over 200 Editors and journalists from Australia’s largest circulating magazines and newspapers.


Send your articles to leah@ozbedandbreakfast.com. This is a value added service to our members only and whilst publishing is not guaranteed, Leah will make every effort to push the supplied material to her industry contacts.




Many visitors to the site are very pleased with the offers on display in our HOT $$$ DEALS section.  Please feel free to submit your HOT $$$ DEAL by clicking here.  You will need to login using you MemberID and password.  If you have created deals in the past, please be sure to visit often and update or remove previous deals.




If you are an avid traveller, or just love to look at B&B's, why not check out some of the great International Links we have listed on our Links page.  You may find some interesting ideas from B&B owners overseas.


Alternatively, if you are travelling closer to home, you might find some of the links on our Australian Links page useful.


If you have some links you would like to see on our Links pages, please feel free to drop us a note at info@ozbedandbreakfast.com

Web Designs

One of the many services we offer here at OZbedandbreakfast.com is Web site design and development.  If you have been thinking about it, or just have a few questions, send us an e-mail. 


For a one-time fee starting from only $199, you can have your own website with up to six different pages with photos.  The fee includes your own domain name (ie: www.yourbnbname.com.au).  Elements of the site would include a Home page with photos and contact info., Rooms & Rates, Specials, Attractions, Directions, your logo and much more!


For more information, click here to read all the details.


That's it for this issue.  Thanks again for your support!
Your OZbedandbreakfast.com team