March  4th, 2002

Issue 6


Congratulations to our March -
B&B of the Month

Norfolk Bay Convict Station, Tasmania





Enhancements... coming soon:


 • Revamped Regions  and graphics

 • Association field

 • Accommodation type

 • Tourism Rating

 • Long description



 •OZbedandbreakfast now has more listed B&Bs than The Australian Bed & Breakfast Book 2002

 • We are now registered with over 1,500 Search engines include Google, MSN, Yahoo, Excite and Lyco's.

 • OZbedandbreakfast will be launching a new site in the UK over the next few months. 




Editor's notes


Welcome to the sixth edition of OZ-Traveller! 


We hope you had a great fantastic Valentine's Day with lots of lovers enjoying a stay at your B&B.


The Valentine's Day week proved to be another big one at with plenty of bookings being made for the week.


A great deal of these bookings were a result of Press Releases printed in both the Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne) and The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney).  If you missed these articles, you can check out the feature yourself in our Press Room


Want your own Website?


Due to popular demand, now has the facilities and resources to build custom websites for individual B&B's. For a one-time fee starting from only $190, which includes your own domain name (i.e.:, we can create your own personal website. Elements would include a Home page with photos and contact info., Rooms & Rates, Specials, Attractions, Directions, your logo and much more!

For more information, click here to read all the details.


The Press Room Hots Up!


We continue to promote our site to the Australian public and have been quite successful of late. If you missed our latest published Valentine’s Day coverage in the Sunday Herald Sun, Feb 3rd, check out the Press Room for more details.


If you have an event or something of interest happening in your local area, feel free to provide with a brief description. Our Marketing Director, Leah has been working in the publishing industry for ten years and has industry contacts and a database of over 200 Editors and journalists from Australia’s largest circulating magazines and newspapers.


Send your articles to This is a value added service to our members only and whilst publishing is not guaranteed, Leah will make every effort to push the supplied material to her industry contacts.


Thinking of Selling/Buying?


Our latest partnership with Lifestyle Bed & Breakfast Sales not only allows you to browse and check out which B&Bs are for sale and how much, but, it also provides you with an opportunity to advertise your B&B, should you decide to sell.

If you want to advertise FREE with us, simply go to the For Sale section on the left hand side of the navigation bar and supply your details or click here for a direct link to this section on our site.

Alternatively, phone Neill direct with Lifestyle Bed & Breakfast Sales on 02 4877 1000 for more details -be sure to mention




If you have a red hot offer that you want to promote to potential customers for the Easter period, feel free to submit it to our HOT $$$ DEALS by clicking here.  You will need to login using you MemberID and password.  HOT $$$ DEALS section is promoted on our homepage and has proven to be very popular over the last few months. We also e-mail these deals direct to over 400 registered travellers every month. So, don’t miss out, send your hot deals to us today! 

(All valid submissions will be included).


Summer Getaway Competition (Jan/Feb)


A big thank you to Gretha of Araluen Lodge B&B, Yarra Glen, Victoria for her involvement in our Jan/Feb promotion.  We are pleased to say was overwhelmed by the number of entries. In fact, it was so successful, that we will now have a monthly giveaway. The lucky winner of the Araluen Lodge promotion was Ray Read of Victoria.


Next months giveaway has been kindly donated by Vicki & Garry from Victoria’s B&B, Cambewarra, NSW. For details, you can view Victoria’s B&B banner advertisement on our homepage.


FREE business cards!


We recently found on the Internet a company in Belgium that prints business cards for FREE. Can you believe it? Check out the FREE cards we received!!


All you need to do is fill out a template of what you want and pay the packaging and handling (less than $10AUD) and they will send you 250 FREE business cards. They say delivery is around four to six weeks, but ours arrived only two weeks after we filled out the form. If you want to check it out, click the image below:



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Comments from the photo department

If you are having trouble uploading pictures to your profile page, we are more than happy to load these for you for FREE. Just drop us an e-mail with your photos attached. Alternatively, send us four of your favourite pictures, with captions written on the back, to at 30 Gristock Street, COORPAROO QLD 4151. Be sure to include a self addressed envelope including a stamp if you would like your pictures returned.

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