November 18, 2001

Issue 2


"...OZbedandbreakfast is attracting record numbers and is already one of the most visited accommodation sites in the nation."



Editor's notes


Welcome to our second edition of OZ-Traveller!  What a tremendous couple of weeks we have had since our last edition of OZ-Traveller.  We have had reviews in the Sunday Herald Sun as the main feature, and a write up in THE AUSTRALIAN.  Comments from THE AUSTRALIAN can be seen on the Sidebar of this newsletter.  This has increased the traffic to our site by almost 400%!!!  This means bookings for you.  Speaking of bookings, we had our first Travellers book through our site.  Numerous members have enjoyed bookings this past week through  If you are getting responses from being a member with us, please let us know.  We like to know when things are working.


Our last edition talked about using BBProfiler to update your  profile details online.  It is great to see so many members taking advantage of the flexibility this gives you along with the photo upload functionality.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!  BBProfiler can be found on the navigation bar on our home page.  Simply login using your member ID and password.


Once again, we appreciate your support and look forward to a long and successful partnership.


Did you know


We have visitors from the following countries:

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and of course Australia.


We now have affiliations with the following International websites: - Canada

B&B Online - Canada

B&B Association of Rome - Italy

DesigNZ on Travel - New Zealand

Cottage Stays NZ - New Zealand

Book a Bed - South Africa

These are just a few of the many affiliations we are working on to help promote and your B&B.



The Facts


NRMA has begun charging members $7.70 for its' national accommodation guide - previously free to members.  Even more reason for travellers to use services such as ours, for FREE.


Virgin Blue is landing in Northern Territory in March 2002.  Good news for members in the far north.


Perth to Sydney and return now costs practically half of what it used to be.  Good incentive for travellers to head west!


F A Q?  What is an FAQ?


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  We have a large list of frequently asked questions available to our members.  Each question has a detailed answer to help you with any issues, problems or questions you may have.  Look for the FAQ link on the navigation bar under MEMBERS on the left hand side of our homepage.


Also, our Guestbook link is waiting to be signed.  If you have something you would like to leave for others to read, please do so.  Look under the VISITOR INFO section on the navigation bar.

  B&B Tips

What do travellers really want in an B&B? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by B&B owners.  We have visited countless B&B's over the years, spoken to many other Travellers along the way.  The emails that have come in since we began, indicate conclusively that the single most important attribute of a B&B is its owners. You are the ones who make the difference at your B&B by creating a unique ambience, welcoming your guests warmly and providing them with a specialised bundle of services.

Recent market surveys on guest satisfaction indicate that eight of the top ten qualities which yield the highest ratings are service oriented. (See Top Ten on Sidebar.) Small B&B's have a distinct advantage in this area because guests' increased opportunities to interact with the owners mean they develop very personal impressions. These impressions leave with your guests, potentially increasing guest numbers when the word-of-mouth is excellent. It is understood in this survey that minimum B&B standards (including impeccable cleanliness, good lighting throughout the property and safety considerations) are already in place.

Many guests' fondest memories are those moments in the late afternoon when they are able to lounge in the public rooms, talking with fellow guests and the owner about the local attractions, other (less well-known) fun things to do and great nearby hikes. If the owner has provided a welcome book, with activity suggestions and dining recommendations, it is usually the first thing guests consult after checking in, as it makes their stay feel even more special. Quiet is important to guests.  Ensure you don't have a noisy air conditioner in the rooms, or a loud dishwasher that runs at night.

Waking up to a wonderful breakfast matters a lot to guests. Good ones always generate great rounds of commentary from the guests gathered around the breakfast table. When possible, a multi-course breakfast is always grand. A breakfast with a set entrée and numerous sideboard options, from cereals to fruits and breads, is likewise just as satisfying. Many guests often count on breakfast to carry them through the better part of a day of sightseeing.  They will always appreciated the efforts hosts put into preparing and serving hearty, delicious morning fare.  When guests realise that the recipe for the morning meal they just enjoyed is a family treasure, it adds enormously to their enjoyment. 

Remember, most people choose a B&B over other lodging because they want to experience friendly charm, the hosts' personalities and the unique local flavour. As you can see, these points, as well as those indicated in the Top Ten List, are well within your reach, and the key is in your hands.

Your Say

Let us know what you think.  We are always striving to make this newsletter and our site better.  We are open to your suggestions.  Please feel free to provide us with information about what you like, what don't you like.  How can we make it better so that we drive guests to your B&B.  Please send your comments to us at

We will soon be launching our first Newsletter to the Travellers that visit our site.  They have been signing up in great numbers from the email link on our homepage.  What we would like from you, as members, is any articles you wish to submit about your region or tourist area.  These will be included in Newsletters sent to Travellers visiting our site.  We are also looking for "Deals and Discounts" that we can offer visitors to our sites.  Any information you would like to submit, please email to

Thanks again for your support!
Your team

Hint - Make sure you add photo captions to your pictures.  This can be done via BBProfiler
Celebrity B&B

Wharparilla B&B, Sassafras,  VIC
Home of parents &solo Sailor JESSE MARTIN

Top Ten List*
B&B Qualities that Produce Guest Satisfaction:
1:Private Bath
2:Easy to be private
3:Quiet atmosphere
4:Host tells of sights & restaurants
5:Host goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable
6:Personal attention
7:Host creates a homelike atmosphere
8:Reputation for good food
9:Bed size (choices)
10:Written guide to area/restaurants provided

*ranked in order of importance


Here is what some of our new members had to say...

We took advantage of the 4 months free trial a week or so ago and received our first booking last night from the site.  Congratulations on a well constructed website and we look forward to more bookings.  Kind regards,

Just a quick note to comment on how easy it was for me to register and upload my photos. I am not really computer literate but your instructions made it all so simple.  Now I'll have to wait and see how the trial period goes.  I think that your site is very user friendly and extremely easy to navigate so I'll cross my fingers!  Thanks again,

May we echo the comments of other operators in that we found the site easy to upload and we like the simple informative layout. Particularly like the picture format and the ability to see at a glance how many people have visited the site.  It is often hard for smaller places to compete with the big boys and we appreciate your site and the effort you indicate have been made to ensure that you site ranks well on search engines.  We have listed on many sites previously but it is often hard to gauge whether anyone actually finds them. We hope you site will be a success for both you and us. Kind regards and thanks,

Thank you for providing such a great web page to operators. It's easy to navigate and search on. We certainly hope we get some enquires from it. There are a couple of BnB operators I know that will certainly upload as soon as I let them know about  Regards,


Thanks to one of our members for this tip...
Just a quickie about your suggestion to offer wine to guests ..... unless you have a liquor licence it's illegal ... I mean, we all DO it, but you have to be careful with putting anything in writing as it IS illegal .. even if you don't charge for it as the "powers that be" consider that you've factored the cost into your tariff.  The only way you can get away with it is to invite your guests to join you in a wine or whatever.  kind regards, anonymous