November 4, 2001

Issue 1


Did you know that we are ranked No. 1 on the ninemsn and Looksmart search engines?  

Editor's notes


Welcome to our first edition of OZ-Traveller!  We are very excited to be up and running.  First of all, we must thank all of you for making this possible.  We have had tremendous support from everyone who has registered as a member.  Registrations have come from all states, with the largest response coming from NSW.


We are now ranked number 1 on and Looksmart Australia when searching for the words "Australian Bed and Breakfasts".  This has started to drive traffic to our site.  This means potential guests for you.  As a member, it is in your best interest to have your photos uploaded, and your profile complete with phone numbers, email addresses and website links.  The tool to do this is BBProfiler.  It can be found on the navigation bar on our home page.  This edition of OZ-Traveller will cover BBProfiler in more detail.


Once again, we appreciate your support and look forward to a long and successful partnership.



BBProfiler - your profile update tool


Our BBProfiler tool exists so that our members to have complete control over the information on their profile.  Members simply use their Member ID to enter via the "BBProfiler" button on the side navigation bar under "Members".  If you have forgotten your Member ID, simply visit your profile page (by searching for your B&B) and obtain your Member ID located on the top right hand side of the page.  Change your profile in the easy-to-use form and click 'update'. Your listing is changed immediately!


The benefits are numerous: You can update your page for monthly or seasonal specials; update as your B&B grows or if you change your bed/bathroom configuration, add new pictures to your page, or offer special pricing at certain times of the year.


Adding Photos to your profile


We understand that this isn't the easiest task to do online.  It isn't exactly suited for beginner users, although you can give it a go if you like!  Therefore, we have given you the option to add photos to your profile in a number of different ways:


1)  Email us your photos and include you Member ID and B&B name so we know which profile to upload it to.


2)  Send us an email with your Member ID and existing website and we can go and get the photos you specify off your website and upload them to your profile.


3)  Mail your photos to us at:

     30 Gristock Street, Coorparoo, QLD, 4151


4)  User your Member ID and password to log into BBProfiler.  Click the UPLOAD PHOTOS button.  For you to upload your own photos and have them appear correctly, they MUST be named on your PC according to your Member ID before transferring them to  They must also be in a JPEG format (.jpg).  If you are member 100, then you must rename your photos 100a.jpg, 100b.jpg, 100c.jpg and 100d.jpg.

  B&B Tips

The bed and breakfast industry, in general, caters to a more sophisticated traveller than do chain hotels and motels. One way to stand out from the competition is to give your guests an experience they'll never forget.

Here's How:
Start the pampering with the first impression. Your Web site, brochures and phone manners should all reflect a warm, inviting spirit.  Don't be shy about advertising your amenities. If you put fresh flowers in the rooms every day, say so. Start with the simple things. A piece of Godiva chocolate on the pillow goes a long way.  Leave extra pillows in every room.  Leave extra towels in every room.  Be available, but not intrusive. Make sure guests know how they can reach you if they have questions.  Provide plenty of information about the local area in each room.  Restaurant menus, maps and brochures of local attractions are especially helpful.  If you can get a local restaurant to agree (which shouldn't be difficult), provide a 10 percent off coupon for dinner on the first night.

Offer to help plan a local itinerary. Again, be available but not pushy.  Be as flexible as possible, especially in terms of when breakfast is served. Some guests want to be up at the crack of dawn; others want to sleep in.  Ask about dietary restrictions.  Don't assume your guests will remember to tell you that they break out in hives whenever they eat eggs.  Offer champagne or wine at an optional nightly gathering of guests. 

When you send a reservation confirmation, include your offer to help plan a local itinerary.  Consider sending 'thank you' notes to guests after they leave -- especially those you'd like to come back!

Some of the items on this page can rightfully be considered a guest's responsibility. But if you take the initiative to ensure a nice stay, you'll see more repeat visitors.


We are always striving to make the site better.  We are always open to your suggestions.  Please feel free to provide us with information about what do you like, what don't you like.  How can we make it better so that we drive guests to your B&B.  Please send your comments to us at

If you have any ideas for Newsletter articles, or want to write an article for inclusion, please let us know.  We will be sending a different newsletter out to our site visitors and travellers with travel and tourist information.

Thanks again for your support!

Your team

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Hint - always include you Member ID and B&B name in all correspondence via email or mail.
B&B of the month

Absolute Beachfront, Trinity Beach, QLD



  Member Feedback:

Here are a few comments from some of our members:

I am VERY impressed with your site. It is so fast and so easy to navigate...what a shame you can't teach Vic Tourism a thing or two! It was a nightmare logging on details when signing up with them. 
Congratulations on a very well organised website and operating instructions.
Thank you for the opportunity to have a free trial.