July 27, 2002

Issue 8



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Welcome to our eighth edition of OZ-Escapes!

We thank you for your interest in OZbedandbreakfast.com.  This newsletter is designed for you, the traveller, to plan your perfect bed and breakfast getaway.  There has never been a better time to get away with over 22 new B&B's joining in the past 3 weeks!

In this edition

  • What exactly is a B&B?

  • Variety, the spice of life

  • Concerns for new B&B goers

  • What about breakfast?

  • Some helpful tips

    What exactly is a B&B?

A Bed & Breakfast is a private home whose owners welcome visitors to stay over night and provide breakfast the following morning. It has been described as being the next best thing to staying with relatives, but your hosts know when to leave you alone and give you some privacy!

The bed and breakfast concept began in Europe where it is still very strong, especially in England (http://www.bandbbritain.com). Today, budget B&Bís can be found for as little as $30 per night with few extras, while luxury Bed and Breakfasts, complete with hotel-like amenities, can be found for $300 or more per night.  OZbedandbreakfast.com has all ranges of accommodation, listing the price range of each beside your search results.

A true bed and breakfast has the owner living on the premises who provides a clean, attractive place to stay, plus a wonderful breakfast. The host is usually very knowledgeable about the town or city where the B&B is located so they are able to assist you with directions, recommendations for restaurants, suggestions for local entertainment or sightseeing. The host takes a sincere interest in making sure your visit is without problems or stress by providing a personalized vacation for people seeking an alternative to impersonal hotel-style settings.

OZbedandbreakfast.com also provides travellers with a wider selection of accommodation including Farm Stays, Guesthouses and self contained B&B's.  All of which operate in a similar manner to the traditional B&B describe above.

    Variety, the spice of life!

B & Bís are not necessarily for everyone, especially for those who want hotel/motel type amenities. Some B&Bís throughout Australia have a pool, most do not.  If you are looking for variety and a little adventure on your vacation you will find that each B&B will be different, which is part of the charm and the pleasure of staying in them.

Each B&B is unique in it's ambience, based entirely on the personalities of the hosts. Depending on the property you may find everything from traditional to unconventional decor, historic to modern architecture, some with private en-suites and some with shared baths, yet all having the common thread of a high standard of cleanliness and the comforts of home where REAL people live.

When you start to check out the variety of B&B's available in Victoria, you will find Mansion's on the lake, lodges in the trees and Studio's in the Country.  New South Wales offers fantastic winter getaways in the Blue Mountains while Queensland gives you an escape from the winter blues in and around the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

    Concerns for new B&B goers

The first time you decide to stay in a B&B it would not be unusual to wonder about room-size, bed-size & other services which may or may not be available to you. If you are used to staying in franchise hotel/motel properties, you know exactly what you will be getting. There is no unknown at the chain hotels.  Those who are more comfortable with the concept of travelling enjoy novelty and pleasant surprises at least occasionally and this is what has led to the exceptional growth of Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Australia.

Concerns about privacy are common when you are staying in someone else's home. Many B&Bís offer shared baths but most also have rooms with private baths. As B&Bs continue to gain popularity, private baths will become more standard and there will be fewer homes where baths are shared. If you donít mind a shared bath you will likely save considerably on your room rate. If you require a private bath, you will find many B&Bs everywhere able to offer this level of privacy

    What about Breakfast?

Breakfast can usually be taken in the shared dining area, but many B&Bs have a private breakfast nook or, depending on the host, may be delivered to your room. Many of the listings on OZbedandbreakfast.com provide you with information about the breakfast service which is provided. Privacy and solitude, like sociability and conversation are almost always available at a B&B and can be experienced at your discretion.

    Some helpful tips

Your time of arrival is important so that the owners can be sure that they are there to welcome you. Hotels have 24 hours a day staff in case you are late. When you book a room at a B&B, remember you are staying at somebody's home, so there is a pretty good chance they will not wait up all night for you. Just as you would expect some common courtesies if you were expecting guests, if your travel plans should change, it is advisable to let the Bed & Breakfast know. Should you have to cancel your reservation, please call out of courtesy so that they are not waiting for you.

Till next time...Happy Travelling and send us some feedback on our new look graphics on the homepage and our site in general.


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